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A Little Bit of Birthday Magic - Birthday Ritual

We've all been there, when your birthday doesn't quite pan out like you'd thought it would. We have so many expectations around our birthdays, how we want to feel, what we want to do, and all the things. And dammit, birthdays are really special! So of course we want to feel loved, appreciated and just damn good! But what if I told you, there's a way to make sure you ALWAYS get the birthday you want and are filled with the emotions you desire?

Yup! I fucking mean it. I'm about to tell you the secret to success on your magical day. And the secret is.... don't expect anything from anyone. Instead, show up for yourself the way you want to be shown up for. When we do this, and do it in a way where we truly feel seen, appreciated and loved, then any extra attention, love or gifts you get is just that, extra!

Our birthdays are very special for a few reasons. One, you've made it another year in this wild ass world, so congratulations for that! Second, the planets, specifically the Sun, are in the same position they were when you were born. And as we know from Astrology and the Zodiac, the Cosmos imprint on us, coding our DNA with cosmic wisdom and traits.

On your Solar return, you are able to further tap into the magic of the Cosmos and precisely your unique alignment within the Cosmos. Our birthdays hold an extra potent power that helps us manifest. So on your Solar Return each year, it's important to fully embody and embrace what it is we want to manifest into our realities.

Fully embodying and embracing these manifestations means setting up your day for how you would like to see your next year. Wear what you want, how you want. Eat what you want, whether that's a 'cheat' day or manifesting your healthiest self, there is no shame! Do all the daily practices and rituals that are important to you and you want to implement into your life. If you're working to pave a new neural pathway, do that today! Manifest it into your reality. Act and talk as if it's all already here... because it is!

Now, for the juicy parts. Here are some questions, prompts and ideas to help you plan the birthday of your dreams. Remember this can be done every birthday and will always shift, so check in with yourself each year a few days before. Make sure you gather and get any supplies you need and desire!

Your Best Birthday Planning Prompts

  • What is the feeling you want to embody on your birthday?

  • What daily practices are important to you that you want to practice?

  • What neural pathways are you working to create?

  • What habits and patterns do you want to release?

  • What does your ideal day look like?

  • What can you do to show up for yourself and make yourself feel loved?

  • How can you pamper yourself?

Daily Practices

  • Yoga

  • Journaling

  • Mirror Work (highly recommended!! - get sensual and fall in love with yourself)

  • Read

  • Meditate

  • Automatic Writing

  • Ritual

  • Birthday Ceremony

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Spell Work

  • Exercise

  • Face Rolling

  • Dancing (definitely dance, that's a must!)

Birthday Success Supplies

  • Beautifully wrapped present

  • Card from you to you

  • Candles -- get the number you are turning

  • Sweet of your choice (or something savory if sweets aren't your thing)

  • Decorations

A big part of showing up for yourself on your birthday as you'd like, is actually doing it. So buy yourself something nice, a gift you really want, wrap it up very nice and beautiful. Write yourself a card. Decorate your space if you want and definitely get yourself some candles! Candle magick is potent and since it's your birthday, it is in fact a magical day. Set it up the night before so that when you wake up, you feel celebrated!

Pro Tips:

  1. Write a card for yourself on your half birthday and save for your next Solar Return so you don't remember what it says.

  2. Wash your sheets and bedding, change your bedding the day before your birthday so that you get a fresh clean bed to fall asleep in and wake up in.

Birthday Ritual


  • Sage/ Palo Santo/ Smudge Stick of choice

  • Crystals

  • Altar tools

  • Orange Candles -- great for creativity, wisdom, luck, and attraction, be sure to get the number of your age (birthday candles are great if you can't get chime candles)

  • Chai Tea - boosts heart health and is rich in antioxidants

  • Cinnamon -- energy of the Sun, enhances strength, health and protection

  • Allspice -- frequency of Jupiter, promotes prosperity, success and optimism

  • Honey -- honey comes from the worker bees of this world, use honey to invite in the Universe's worker bees, asking them to step in and support you.

  • Mirror -- on you can lean against a wall or see yourself in during your ritual


  1. Preset your space up with your candles, any crystals and Altar tools you'd like.

  2. Brew yourself a chai tea latte using the cinnamon, allspice, and honey in it. As you stir these in, speak words of affirmation into your beverage. Put your intentions and manifestations into your tea, knowing that as you drink it, your manifestations are materializing.

  3. Sage/cleanse your space using Sage, Palo Santo, or other cleansing smudge sticks. When cleansing a space, make sure you are cleansing in a clockwise motion as this motion brings positive energy. It is also important to have a window or door open so that energies and entities not of the highest frequency may exit your space. You may also politely, yet with confidence, ask that energies and entities not of the highest frequency leave your space, sending them on their way with love.

  4. Sage/cleanse yourself. When doing this, take a moment to breathe deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth, exhaling loudly and releasing anything that does not serve you. Inhale the smell of your smudge stick, if you are using one. If not, continue focusing on your breath, releasing and allowing your body to relax. If you are using a smudge stick and moving around your body, remember to always move in a clockwise circle when cleansing yourself or a space.

  5. Call in the Elements. When calling in the Elements, start by facing the North and either keep your palms open and facing the direction, or use a wand, then verbally state: - North, Element of Earth, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome. Turn 90 degrees to the right, now facing East and verbally state: - East, Element of Air, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome. Turn 90 degrees to the right, now facing South and verbally state: - South, Element of Fire, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome. Turn 90 degrees to the right, now facing West and verbally state: - West, Element of Water, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome.

  6. Call in any Guides, Goddesses, Ancestors, or Angels and/or Entities you would like to be with you during this special birthday ceremony. Remember to ask them and thank them for their wisdom, guidance, and protection for your next trip around the Sun. While they often love to be of assistance, it is important to be extremely respectful and grateful for their energy and infinite wisdom.

  7. Embody Your Light -- Light SOME of your candles if you haven't already and admire yourself in the mirror. Really take your time here, see how beautiful you are, and not just on the outside but on the inside. Your heart, your kindness. Place a hand or both hands on your heart, feel gratitude pulsing through your body while staring at yourself. Only you know your truest truth, sit with that, be proud of yourself and grateful for who you are!

  8. Drink up -- have some of your delicious drink. While drinking it envision your dreams manifesting. With each sip, they materialize more. Sit with how it will feel once they are here, because they are here.

  9. Make a wish -- what are your birthday wishes? What is it you want to manifest into this next year around the Sun? Write those down.

  10. Birthday Spell -- lastly, time for a spell. Below you will find the spell, feel free to write down or print off so you don't have to have devices with you during your ceremony. There will be a line that says [enter birthday wishes here], this is where you will state the wishes you have from the step above. Also, when it says 'I light' in the second line, light the rest of your candles. On this day of my Solar Return I light [your age #] candles and watch them burn Giving gratitude for year of my life For every candle that I light Closing my eyes I make my wishes [Enter birthday wishes here] Sending forth my soul's desires and truth My my birthday wishes be taken up by the light May my inner light burn authentically big and bright This next year may I flourish And continually be nourished I welcome abundant blessings into my life I welcome support and guidance I welcome the divine into my life Bringing me love Bringing me joy Bringing me patience and gratitude As I embark down this journey that is my path I am open to miracles I am open to love I am open to aligning with my purpose I am open to blessings from above I am open to listening and grounding myself more I listen, I listen, I listen I surrender, I surrender, I surrender My my birthday wishes be taken up by the light May my inner light burn authentically big and bright As Thy will it, so mote it be As I will it, so mote it be

  11. Close the Circle -- release the Elements, Guides, Goddesses, Angels, Ancestors and Entities. When you are finished with your ritual/ceremony, then it is time to release those who have joined you on your journey. Closing your circle is a very important part of ceremony, ensuring that you have first thanked all of those who have joined you and that you have shown your gratitude to the Elements for their guidance and wisdom. Once you are done, state loudly: "North, East, South, West, [Insert any Guides, Goddesses, Ancestors, or Entities you called forward here] Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, go if you must, stay if you will" Then repeat."May the circle be open but never broken, may the circle be open but never broken, may the circle be open but never broken. Hail and Farewell." Alternative endings you can add: Blessed Be As I will it, So Mote it be.

Happiest of birthdays from me to you. May your day be filled with love, joy and abundant blessings.



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