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April Magic and Astral Insights: Mercury Rx, New Moon Magic, Solar Eclipse

Eclipse season is here and there has been a lot of movement and magic amongst the stars and planets over the last month and a half. I mean, let's be real, there's ALWAYS a lot of movement and magic going on, but there has been some extra special big movements as well as more to come!

As you may have heard, Pluto moved into Aquarius to give a quick little taste and appetizer for the next era. However Pluto does dip back into Capricorn for the final half of the year, going back to what has been all too familiar, but it won't last long before Pluto hops back into Aquarius and for over a 20 year stint at that.

New Moon Solar Eclipse

April 19th/20th


Aries, the spontaneous and fearless trailblazer invites us to take action and to take the leap this magical New Moon, pushing you to pursue your passions and not hold back. While a this energy is inspiring and igniting the fire within, you may be simultaneously feeling an uncertainty and most certainly are working faster than normal. It's important to remember, keep up but do not rush. When we rush, our energy becomes scattered, and that energy can be felt through whatever we do. Try to slow down so that you can move from a grounded and aligned space.

Mercury Retrograde

April 21 - May 14


Our second Mercury Retrograde of the year, Mercury Rx always gets blamed and quite frankly it's not only unfair, it's what's causing so much trouble! Imagine this, Mercury Rx is like an edible you ate only 30 min ago that you're saying 'isn't shit'. And you can eat another one, because you know best (i.e.: resist it, micromanage and complain) or you can chill TF out and have a much better time. Especially an hour later when the edible actually hits (i.e.: some things are brought to the light) and thank God you chilled the hell out and didn't make the situation worse, right?

This year we have 4 different Mercury Retrogrades, 3 out 4 which are in Earth Signs, so remember to slow down and ground yourself during this time. Through the act of slowing down we can accurately assess the situation and respond appropriately, no matter what the situation is.

With Mercury being the planet of communication, slowing down and really thinking about our responses is never a bad idea when in retrograde (really never a bad idea, period).

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