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Claiming Your Truth

What would it look like if you claimed your truth? If you claimed your autonomy? Your authority? Your true self? Not who you've become to survive in this society, but who you truly are and who you were truly destined to be?

For many of us, we don't know. We've never allowed ourselves to go there, we've never allowed ourselves to daydream about what that looks like. And honestly, for good reason. Because our ego has created the version of us we think will be most acceptable and keep us safe in a society that demands complacency and staying asleep to our true powers.

Even if or when we fight society and fight the norms, we can still pigeon hole ourselves into a version that is not our truth or that is a half truth. I myself am guilty of this, of keeping myself small so I can stay safe. Most of us are.

And with that I also want to acknowledge that we are here having a human experience, so the point is not to be so 'high vibe' that we deny our human experience. I don't even know if thats fully possible. Even the best of the best healers still have their human moments, as we're meant to! That's parts of the experience, so don't deny it fully.

But what is also apart of the experience is remembering. Remembering why we came here and remembering our purpose(s). Of breaking out of the boxes we were told we need to sit so quietly in. Life is complex. We are complex. We are multifaceted and sometimes those facets contradict. But that's okay. If life were meant to be understood, then we would understand it. But we don't. Even in science there are phenomenons we don't understand and cannot grasp how they work, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. In fact, they exist despite our understandings.

The more and more we learn and about life and the Universe, the more we are starting to understand that while we may never full understand it, we do co-create it. But what does that mean?

Co-create: to create (something) by working with one or more others

"By working with" is the key to co-creation. Meaning that the Universe and our realities as we know them are not some black and white thing that lives in this tidy little box. But instead that we are working in partnership with the Universe to create each of our own individual realities.

When we tell ourselves these detrimental stories that we have to be or act a certain way in order to get XYZ, then we help co-create that story into our reality. But when we know, that it's just a story, that it's just our ego, our 'small self' telling us this in order to keep us safe based off the conditioning that society has told us, we have the ability to step out of that programming and into the life we are meant to live. The life we want to live and truly desire.

So I dare you, think about it. Think about your true desires, what you really want to do with your life. What you feel your true calling and purpose is. Think about what lights you up and brings a smile to your face and your heart flutter with joy and ecstatic love!

Ask yourself:

What would it look like if I claimed my truth? If I claimed my autonomy? My authority? My true self? Not who I've become to survive in this society, but who I am truly and who I was truly destined to be?

I double dog dare you.



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