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Fire, Faeries and Love: Beltane Magic and May Day Flowers

Beltane is halfway between the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice. This Sabbat is centered around fertility, sensuality, love, and sacred union. It is full of passion and fire - and I quite literally mean fire.

It's also important you remember, just because this Sabbat centers around fertility and Sacred Union, doesn't mean it has to be taken literally and in regards to only your love life.

We are in a Sacred Union with ourselves, which is honestly the most important union of all! We're in union with our friends and with other things energetically and spiritually. It's important to use this time to review all unions and to also remember that fertility can also be an energy that is conducive to manifesting, starting new traditions, patterns, etc! Use the fertile energy to plant the seeds of your intentions for the seasons to come.

Beltane Traditions

In Ancient Traditions, this Sabbat honored the Union of the Young Oak King or the Green Man with the Maiden Goddess or the May Queen. Today we are able to see that and honor it as the Divine Masculine in sacred union with the Divine Feminine.

This Sabbat is centered around fertility because in the Northern Hemisphere, Mama Gaia is the most fertile. Her sweet earth ready for us to plant seeds and showing us abundance as Spring is full bloom.

The May Pole and Bonfires are other integral parts to Beltane traditions. The May Pole signified the Union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

Meanwhile, fires were used as a tool of cleansing and purification.

People would jump through the fire to do just that, cleanse and purify themselves. Couples would jump through the fire together to pledge their love for each other.

Faerie Magic

Similar to Samhain, this Sabbats marks the halfway point between the seasons, Beltane being the midpoint between Spring and Summer. And just as Samhain celebrates the thinning of the veil and we are able to communicate more clearly with loved ones who have passed on, Beltane is the Sabbat of Faerie Magic when the veil between our realm and the Fae Realm is thin.

The Fae are protectors of this land and of Mama Gaia. They love when you respect and honor her. They love to play and can be tricksters, yes, but if you honor the Earth and hold your boundaries, then you'll be fine.

So just play and enjoy their presence.

Here's Some Simple Ways to Honor the Fae
  • Leave out little treats and offerings (food, crystals, sparkly things, etc.)

  • Build a little Fae cottage

  • Add some doll furniture for them

  • Send love and healing to the forest

Check out our Beltane Rituals and Practices Workbook to learn more about Beltane and some of the rituals and practices associated with this Sabbat.



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