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Just as the moon pushes and pulls the tides of the Ocean, La Luna pushes and pulls us along with her through her multitude of phases. Ebbing and flowing between the different zodiac signs like the graceful Goddess she is, she asks that we surrender and align with her great wisdom. And when we do this, she shows us just how imperative these phases are to our experiences. Just how needed the cycles of change are for us to grow


The Moon plays a crucial part in all of our lives. By honoring her and her cycles and by working in alignment with La Luna, we are gifted the ability to tap into her infinite wisdom and the wisdom of the Cosmos. During a New Moon, every month, we are invited to realign and to start anew. This time is the perfect time for new beginnings, setting intentions, and realigning with our purpose and path. New Moons are the point in the lunar cycle of rebirth and reclamation of our truth and of our highest selves.

Setting intentions is one of the most powerful ways to harness the power of the Moon. and the power of the Cosmos. But it is important to remember that first honoring La Luna and the wisdom she provides is vital to the process. Through honoring her and giving thanks, we ensure we are living harmoniously, both giving and receiving.



  • Journal

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Sage [suggested, not necessary]

  • Incense [suggested, not necessary]

  • Crystals [suggested, not necessary]

  • Any other ritual or Altar items you feel called to add and/or that are in correlation with the specific New Moon, [suggested, not necessary]


  1. Sage/cleanse your space using Sage, Palo Santo, or other cleansing smudge sticks. When cleansing a space, make sure you are cleansing in a clockwise motion as this motion brings positive energy. It is also important to have a window or door open so that energies and entities not of the highest frequency may exit your space. You may also politely, yet with confidence, ask that energies and entities not of the highest frequency leave your space, sending them on their way with love.

  2. Set up your ritual area. When doing this, use your intuition to set it up however feels best. This is when you can set up your candles, crystals, and/or other altar tools. Remember there is no right or wrong way, just trust your intuition and trust yourself.

  3. Sage/cleanse yourself. When doing this, take a moment to breathe deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth, exhaling loudly and releasing anything that does not serve you. Inhale the smell of your smudge stick, if you are using one. If not, continue focusing on your breath, releasing and allowing your body to relax. If you are using a smudge stick and moving around your body, remember to always move in a clockwise circle when cleansing yourself or a space.

  4. White Light Protection

  5. Call in the Elements. When calling in the Elements, start by facing the North and either keep your palms open and facing the direction, or use a wand, then verbally state: - North, Element of Earth, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome. Turn 90 degrees to the right, now facing East and verbally state: - East, Element of Air, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome. Turn 90 degrees to the right, now facing South and verbally state: - South, Element of Fire, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome. Turn 90 degrees to the right, now facing West and verbally state: - West, Element of Water, I call upon you and your knowledge and wisdom to bless this circle and bless us with your presence -- Hail and Welcome.

  6. Call in any Guides, Goddesses, Ancestors, or Angels and/or Entities you would like to be with you during this ceremony. Remember to ask them and thank them for their wisdom and guidance. While they often love to be of assistance, it is important to be extremely respectful of their energy and infinite wisdom.

  7. Educate yourself and recite information about the current New Moon. You can do this at this point or, I even recommend having done this before and preparing something to read about the New Moon during this portion of your ceremony. Each New Moon is different as it is in a different Zodiac sign. The energy of the Cosmos is constantly shifting and changing, this is a good time to realign with that energy and observe how that is affecting you and your journey. If you need a good place to learn more about the Moon, where she is and her energy, check out Moon Omens.

  8. Journaling and setting intentions. During this phase of the Moon, we have a huge opportunity to work with La Luna, harnessing the abundant power that she and the Cosmos hold. Use this time to journal and set your intentions for this next cycle. What intentions do you have? What seeds would you like to sow? How can you better align with your purpose and path?

  9. Ceremonial Embellishments -- use this time as an invitation to dive into other ceremonial practices that call to you or feel aligned. This might look like indulging in Sacred Cacao, a meditation, a Spell or chant, or even an offering. Whatever it is you're called to or your Guides are asking for, trust it, trust yourself, trust them. The Universe is guiding you, sometimes it just takes slowing down to listen.

  10. State it loudly to the Universe. Once you have finished with your intentions, journaling, and any ceremonial embellishments, take a moment to read your intentions out loud and with confidence. Remember, you are divinely supported. This is also a great time to pray, and I encourage and invite you to do so, to reclaim this sacred practice. But most importantly, once you have finished, take time to thank the Elements, Guides and anyone you've called in for their guidance and wisdom during this ceremony. Thank the Moon for her wisdom and for the cycles she not only shows us, but guides through. Show your gratitude and thanks for the love and support you receive on this journey.

  11. Close the Circle -- release the Elements, Guides, Goddesses, Angels, Ancestors and Entities. When you are finished with your ritual/ceremony, then it is time to release those who have joined you on your journey. Closing your circle is a very important part of ceremony, ensuring that you have first thanked all of those who have joined you and that you have shown your gratitude to the Elements for their guidance and wisdom. Once you are done, state loudly: "North, East, South, West, [Insert any Guides, Goddesses, Ancestors, or Entities you called forward here] Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, go if you must, stay if you will" Then repeat."May the circle be open but never broken, may the circle be open but never broken, may the circle be open but never broken. Hail and Farewell." Alternative endings you can add: Blessed Be As I will it, So Mote it be.

Something very important to remember is that Spirituality and practices such as this do not need to be expensive nor cost prohibitive. If you don't have sage, crystals, or other Altar tools, that's fine!! You don't need them! While they can help enhance the potency of your work, the most important tool any of us have is our intention. So remember that all you need is the Moon and your intentions.

For those who are not ready to call in the Elements or Guides, know that you also do not have to do that part. A practice as simple as journaling and setting intentions is also potent magic. At the end of the day, everyones Spiritual practice is unique to them, so don't feel shame or pressure to do it any one way. That's the beauty of these practices, there is no doctrine saying what is right or wrong, it just is, so listen to your intuition, honor your intuition and do what feels right for you.

Just be sure that when you are doing any ritual, you are allowing yourself the space and privacy needed to fully commit and to see it through. Having a safe space where you can focus your energy and intentions is a crucial part of the process.

Pro Tip: Respectfully forage for fresh flowers and Elements of Earth for your Altar. When foraging or urban foraging it is just important to do so with permission from the Earth and respect towards her.



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