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Let Go and Let God

When we're in the flow with Source, it's beyond fulfilling, beyond rewarding. When we are in our authentic power and vibing with God we are able to tap into that abundant love for life and deep gratitude for our experiences.

When we're not, it can become difficult and or frustrating. The resistance we can find ourselves in can feel like a monumental waterfall crashing over us, drowning us in the depths of the darkest parts of our minds. We can get so lost in our suffering, deep within the caverns of our biggest fears and insecurities, spiraling and praying for release from the weight of whatever it is that burdens us, whatever trauma and lies we carry with us.

But trust me when I say, it's possible for each of us to find our way back to ourselves, back to our authenticity, back to our joy.

The first step, is to surrender.

Sometimes this can be really hard, our egos can have a hard time releasing and letting go. Other times, crumbling can be easy, because we feel so broken, that we fully surrender and accept. While the path of resistance most definitely causes us more pain and suffering, the truth is, surrendering will never be "easy".

But we've got to feel, in order to heal and transmute the pain. If we want to release what weighs us down so we may fly free we must feel all our emotions in their entirety until that wound is healed with love. Again, hard truth, sometimes it just straight up fucking sucks.

Trusting God and surreding to the Universe's magic can be terrifying! I understand this... as someone with massive control issues it can be hard to not just take control and push your own agenda. Yes, it is your own life and so controlling it seems normal, right? Well, yes and no. It's all about balance baby, in everything.

There's co-creating your life with God with looks like, being direct and standing firm in your core beliefs, goals and mission but being open to divine guidance.

Through the practice of non-attachment (in a balanced way of course) and being open minded and open to miracles we are able to still be the operators of our lives without grasping onto any thing, person or concept that really isn't meant for our divine path.

And then, if you're like me, there's being attached to a very specific vision of exactly how you want things to go in your life and trying to force life to bend to the vision you have... which ultimately, ends in much more suffering than when I practice like above, and accept the circumstances as they are and stay open.

When one door closes, don't get so caught up being pissed about that being "the door" you wanted and go find another door or window! It's important to also remember that different doors can even lead us to the same place. While we do live in a world of free will, we also have divine paths we set up for ourselves, it's your choice if you want to embark on that path or if you rather get caught up with ego and how you think it should be.

More news that isn't fun either, if you don't let go and let God, if you do keep clenching and micromanaging the Universe, your ass will be on the floor bawling your eyes out, I can almost guarantee it.

In my personal experiences, I have been brought to my knees many many times by the Universe, and often about the same lessons.

Then I learned I needed to let go of my narrow minded visions so that I could see the grander vision that Source has for me. Again, this doesn't mean you're giving up all will and desires, no. This means you can enter a true state of co-creation with the Universe. Through practicing non-attachment to the exact details and focusing more on the feelings you want to feel and experience.

Practices for Letting Go and Letting God

Surrender and Reclaim Your Power

Surrendering isn't the act of giving all your power away, quite the opposite, surrendering is the act of reclaiming your power by accepting the things you cannot control and choosing love regardless.

Allow Yourself to Day Dream

A fun practice I did the other day was allowing myself to fully go there, fully day dream! And then after, practiced non-attachment and talking with God saying, this is my imagination and how magnificent! I am now open to you and your imagination and for you to experience this wonderful life through me! From my will to Thy will! Guide me!

Open Heart, Open Mind

Stay open to God's miracles. Keep an open mind and an open heart. It can be hard at times, but removing ourselves from the victim mentality of everything "happens to me" versus it "happens for me". Staying open to how you get to where you're going and not being to attached to how you get there.

Affirmations for Surrendering



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