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Love is the Answer

Love is the answer.

The only answer I might add. While there are hundreds of thousands of ways to exist, to be, love is the only one that fulfills all of our desires and helps us to solidify and align with our purpose in this life.

In a world where there is pain, judgement, hurt, trauma and other actions and emotions that break our hearts and make us question the Universe, love is still the answer. Love is always the answer.

There may be evil in this world, and there is. We may not understand or comprehend why that may be. But we know that most of this pain comes from a lack of love. Whether it is the lack of self love, the lack of being loved by others, or it was a lack of love when we were children. Fear, dominance, control, greed and our insecurities are all derived from a place that is devoid of love. And that's okay. It is not bad to feel any of those things, or wrong even. That's the beauty of living. We truly are the Universe experiencing itself in an infinite number of ways. All okay, and all to not be judged.

It is however, our job, and our duty, to experience it all and show up with love anyway. While that is not always easy and quite frankly rather challenging, I believe it to be the biggest lesson all souls must learn and practice. Repeating our experiences in different forms until we see, until we understand. And once we do, we must continue to love and to help others see, to learn and to experience.

We have other purposes, more individualistic purposes in our lives. Each of our individual purposes making up a puzzle, and each of us being but a piece of that puzzle. As we die, we are rebirthed into a new life, into a new form, with a new purpose, a new piece of the puzzle. Ultimately though, each of these individual purposes are tools and lessons, needed to help us align with the Universal purpose, which is love, loving, accepting love, giving love, and always expanding in love.

For myself and I assume many others, if not the majority, it can be hard openly loving. I personally get caught up in my own life, my own problems, my own frustrations, annoyances, and insecurities and I forget. I forget how minor my problems are. I forget that we are all one. I forget that I need to not only be kind to strangers and 'enemies' alike, but that I need to connect with them, that I need to meet them with love. Because when we show up with love and meet others with love, when we are full of love, we can see it trickle into the lives of those we encounter.

The ego, my ego, often does not want me to do that. This rather complex beautiful and protective part of myself is trying to do just that, protect me. Protect me from pain, judgement, hurt and the 'evils' of this world. And I appreciate that, truly I do. But the greatest form of protection is love.

Society has taught us different and wants us to believe different. Because of greed, this world has been turned upside down and robbed of her resources. Because of the ideology of superiority, we have seen century after century of war, enslavement, strategic divides only so that a select few can conquer. Why?

Because, it was lost. Love was lost. And it has been forgotten that we are all children of the Universe.

These systems need to be overhauled. They must be rewritten and we must remember that all are autonomous. But the most important part of the much needed revolution, and the only way to fix the messes we are in, is through love.

It is okay to destroy. It is okay to deconstruct. More than okay, it is necessary. We must destroy and deconstruct these old paradigm beliefs. We must destroy and deconstruct the thoughts that divide us and tell we are alone or that the world is full of evil.

Sacred rage is safe. And through destroying and deconstructing we have the opportunity to transmute it all into love, but only if our destruction is based on and done with love.

We can only transmute this world into a world of love if our destruction of old systems is based in love.

Because love is the answer.

Love is the only answer.



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