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May Magic + Astral Insights


Full Moon in Scorpio + Lunar Eclipse

The Taurus-Scorpio axis of eclipses we've been riding since November 19, 2021 is coming to a close, but not without this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio and then the final one, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on October 28, 2023.

This transit is mixing the taboo, the sexy, sultry, and secretive Scorpio with the luxurious, comfortable and traditional Taurus. This points to our relationships, intimate life, finances, and any topics that may be a little more taboo.

And with an eclipse, buried feelings and emotions can arise. Don't be surprised if some things suddenly change. Eclipses are cheerleaders for change and ask us to let go, whether we are ready or not.

The best we can do is be open to opportunity, listen to our guts and surrender to the flow. If we are paying attention, the answers are there - and most of the time, there is within. Listen to your intuition and trust.

Remember that Scorpio is the sign of the Rising Phoenix, and no matter what comes up during this time, you are supported and you will rise.

5/7/23 - 6/5/23

Venus in Cancer

It's giving major Valentine's Day vibes except it's May. Venus, the planet of love meets sweet and loving homebody Cancer, making the perfect match for a month of romance and love.

To know how this transit is going to affect your zodiac sign, check out AstroStyle's article.


Mercury Stations Direct

After a little over three weeks retrograde in Taurus, Mercury stations direct giving our communications and technology a break.

While many love to blame Mercury for their issues (myself included), the truth is, this time is here to bring some important things to the forefront and give us an opportunity to learn some lessons and grow.

So don't let the lessons evade you when it's over, journal about the things you've learned and ask yourself what tangible steps you can take to integrate these things into your life.

5/16/23 -5/25/24

Jupiter in Taurus

The planet of expansion and abundance, Jupiter moves into Earth sign Taurus, the sign known for its connection to money and love for luxury and comfort. Bring it on, right! Well, the good news is, this year long transit is going to benefit all signs!

To learn more about this transit and how it will affect your sign, check out Susan Miller's Forecast.


New Moon in Taurus

Commit to personal goals - commit to the bit dharling. Enjoy good food and Earthly pleasures, get out into nature. After the shifts and pot stirring that the past Full Moon in Scorpio brought now is a great time to check in and take stock of our self and our goals.

This new moon is bringing fresh energy and giving us a chance to make some important changes in our lives. This will of course trigger some anxiety and second thoughts, allow yourself to ground and move through the fear.

Taurus is a stubborn sign and sometimes being stubborn is great! Be stubborn for yourself and like the bull, charge after what you want.


Gemini Szn Begins

Obviously my favorite season, as a Gemini. We totally get way too much hate, I mean I get Gemini's can be a little wild, but that's what makes us so fun!

Gemini's are all about intellect and play, this quick witted sign is known as the social butterfly of the zodiac. The sign of duality, Gemini's are too often labeled as two-faced, but on the contrary you'll know a Gemini's agenda if they have one. Really the duality is a representation of our multifaceted sides, Gemini's welcome the contradictions we all have as humans, but unlike most, choose to embrace them and let them be seen.

So during Gemini season challenge yourself to embrace your contradictions and ask yourself, how can you be more authentic in your daily life? And of course, challenge yourself to play more and get a little wild! What are you going to do to have fun? The sun is finally coming out and we are about to enter Summer.



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