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Channeling is a highly sought after gift and one that is more accessible than most imagine. There are a plethora of ways we can channel and connect to Source, it just takes practice and patience.

Channeling is the term used to describe the act of receiving information from a Higher Source like God, a Deity, Angel, Spirit, Guide or other entity. Automatic writing is one of the many forms that channeling exists.

Automatic writing is a powerful divination tool used for multitude of reasons like, tapping into your intuition, seeking guidance and answers, connecting with Source, your Guides, Ancestors and Deities, and other entities.

Automatic Writing is a form of channeling and a way to connect with Spirit and other celestial beings.

This practice involves allowing your subconscious to flow freely without judgment or preconceived notions so it may channel. When channeling and writing the ‘source’ of the ‘channel’ may not be fully clear. I’ve experienced times where there was a signed name channeled at the end of the transcript, others where it was just an inherent knowing, my Higher Self, Spirit/Source, specific beings, and even left unknown. There is no right or wrong way, the most important thing is to just trust.

Used for self exploration, creativity, Spiritual Growth, processing life and its influential events, this tool is one that we may practice on our own through different steps, but also is one that commands our attention when there is a message for us to receive.

One thing to remember about automatic writing, and channeling in general is that you cannot push what is not there. If it is not coming to you, do not push it. Also do not question it! Trust what comes, trust what flows. Trust the process, trust how it goes. Just relax, allow the writing to come freely, don't worry about typos, keep flowing, keep writing.

How to Know if You’re Automatic Writing

  • You may enter a trance like state

  • Writing fast

  • Words coming faster than can write

  • Sloppy/Messy Handwriting

  • Different Handwriting

How to Automatic Write

Prepare Your Space
  • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you won’t be interrupted

  • Cleanse the energy, using sage, palo santo, or another smudge stick

  • Light candles or incense

  • Set up any crystals or other spiritual tools you feel drawn too

Set Your Intention

Before you begin writing, set your intention or ask a question. This could be to connect with a specific guide or entity, a particular issue or choice you’ve been faced with, or to simply gain insight into your inner wisdom and guidance from Source.

Ground and Center Yourself

Take a few deep breaths and focus on grounding and centering yourself and your energy. Imagine a red glowing ball at the root of your chakra, this glowing red light protects you and your being. Feel the ground underneath you, take deep breaths and connect deeply with your root chakra. Grounding into your security and truth.

Call On Your Guides, Ancestors and Deities

If you wish to call on your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, or other Deities, take a moment to invite them into the space, asking them to guide you. You may light a candle, say a prayer or invocation to welcome them.

Use this time to ask your question if you haven’t already written one from the night before.

Trust the Process

Open your mind, open your heart and trust the Universe!

There is no right or wrong way, so just let the writing flow! Don’t question it or filter it, just write and flow. Fuck grammar. Fuck Spelling. Write!

It’s important to remember that if the writing isn’t flowing and the download isn’t downloading, that’s okay and equally a part of the process. Write what comes to your mind anyways. Sometimes we have to talk ourselves out of the doubt and sometimes there is magic within those words that helps us unlock something deeper! No matter what, trust the process.

Ask for Guidance + Affirmations

If you feel stuck and unable to get out of your head, ask for guidance from your guides and those you called on. It may help to ask a specific question.

Another trick when I get in my head is, just like in school when you were learning a new word, I write out the affirmation I need most in that moment. Over and over, until it clicks and sparks something new. Even if that ‘new’ is not ‘channeled’, there is magic in the words that stream from us.

Close the Circle

Write until you feel you are finished. In my experiences with automatic writing, I was channeling a message and it would clearly be done after a certain point.

But whether you are in a ritual or are just writing in the morning, see it through and always close out a circle when you’re done. If you’ve called on any Guides, Ancestors, Spirit, Deities or other entities, it is always good energetic practice to thank them for their time, guidance, support, and anything else related to your practice, then tell them they can stay if they’d like but are released and the circle is closed.

Strong energetic hygiene is very important for keeping your energy, to you.

Automatic writing is a highly personal and intuitive practice, there is no right or wrong way to do it and everyone’s way will have their own unique flair! So trust your intuition, allow yourself to open and try new things, enjoy the journey of self-exploration and spiritual growth and most of all trust yourself!



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