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You're Not Too Hardcore for Spirituality

Just like most things that exists, Spirituality is not immune to hypocrisy and ignorance. Today's subject, the all too common love and light persona within Spiritual spaces, the toxic softness that is passive aggressively shoved down everyone's throat, as well as elitism and the 'holier than thou' mentality.

That docile, sweet, soft, love and light stereotype that so many associate with spirituality is viewed by some as weak and inferior and by others, as unobtainable with an exclusive mentality. Obviously this isn't a blanket statement and does not mean that every person who could fall into this category is any of the things. However, this is a stereotype for a reason and I have unfortunately witnesses many whose 'holiness' actually gatekeeps the "lifestyle" to those who are privileged enough to pay top dollar.

But I'm here to tell you, you don't need jack shit except yourself to access God. You don't need crystals, candles, incense, singing bowls, tarot cards or any of it! You don't need money at all, period. All you need is yourself. And the best enhancement tools we can ever use is nature anyways.

You also don't have to have this love and light persona in order to connect with Source or be into the esoteric and magical. There is space for all, especially those who are hardcore.

Like all things, we need diversity in order for life to thrive. And just like Kali, hell, just like nature, we know the Universe is a hard core hoe! The divine feminine is not docile, she is a wild, feral creature who cannot and should not be tamed.

You're Not too Hardcore for Spirituality

The divine feminine resides deep within us and when we push her down, damn her to the back she lashes out, angry and hurt like a wild and wounded animal. But when we love her, embody her and allow her to play, she, we, thrive in her multifaceted, complex ways.

But because of this love and light stereotype and the unfortunate rampant overgrowth of privilege in spirituality (the world really), many, like myself have felt too "hardcore" for spirituality and that's just not the truth.

It has been a breath of fresh air to see more shadow work in the Spiritual space. But just like everything, the pendulum swings hard, and we must remember to not focus solely on shadow work either, or on constantly healing and 'doing the work'. Play has a huge place in the healing journey just the same as shadow work.

So while it's okay to be more rough around the edges than most in these communities, please remember it is also okay to be soft and play. Because if like me, you also have a hard time being "rougher" than most, then you might also have a hard time allowing yourself to soften. Like everything in life, it's about balance. So whichever way you lean, allow yourself the space to do the opposite! Rage if you need, cry if you need, scream fuck or soften your edges.

Balance yourself out babe.

You're Not too Hardcore for Spiritual Spaces



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