Take a look at the year ahead and the major Astrology dates in 2022 with the High Vibe Curator Important Astrological Dates 2022 - Digital Booklet.


This booklet includes information on: 

Mercury Retrograde

Planetary Shifts 

Pagan Holiadys (Sabbats) aka Solstice and Equinox


Now you can better than plan your life to ebb and flow with the naturals currents and universal energetic shifts. Often we do not learn about energetic shifts or planetary movements until right before we are about to be affected by it or are already in it. The goal of this booklet is to help you see the bigger energetic picture of the year 2022. To know about the important energetic shifts we will experience before we experience them, helping you to stay focused and align with your true mission. 


The goal of this book is to help bring your life in alignment with large cosmic events. Therefore better being able to plan certain parts of your year, like travels and that solo weekend retreat you want to do. 


So if you are here, thank you and I am wishing you a blessed year! 

I hope you use this book to tap into the overflowing Universal Abundance. 

Important Astrological Dates 2022 - Digital Booklet

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