Litha, often referred as the Summer Solstice and known as Midsummer, is the Solar Festival that marks the beginning of Summer. During this time when the Sun sits high in the sky, we are asked to honor embrace the light within us. 


This workbook includes information on Litha, the Summer Solstice and its corresponding crystals, colors, foods, plants and more. As well as:

  • The Ancient Traditions of Litha
  • Litha Activities
  • Journal Prompts
  • Midway Magical Planner
  • Daily Devotional Planner
  • Weekly Devotional Planner
  • Litha Ceremony Planner
  • Accountability Matrix


And more!

Align with the Cosmos

Align with Gaia

Align with Yourself


So mote it be✴

Litha: Summer Solstice - Rituals + Practices Workbook